A night at somewhere in…

Its 3:30 am in the morning and we three (me, lavlu da and morshed) are still working as we have a release of our group bangla blog tomorrow. we are running against time but having lots of fun. We are doing pair programming, reviewing each other work done so far and finding bugs and solving them. Don’t know when we will go to bed, our office will start 8:00 am in the morning. so planning for a quick nab for atleast 3 hours. Music is very loud and fueling our engine to work so late in the night. We are all having coffee and tea to fight with our sleep.

lets hope we can finish up our target task and make this effort successful.

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2 thoughts on “A night at somewhere in…

  1. Zahid says:

    It’s actually the inspiration that’s drives a person and nation :). I once worked for a company for 2 years and all i got at the end of 2 years was a 15000Tk cheque, but guess what… it was sooo immensely satisfying that i really cannot express in words…. There are few inspiration which are absolutely priceless.

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