Mediawiki tutorials coming soon…

Currently I am working with Mediawiki version 1.11 and lots of things have changed and new things emerged during last 1 year. So i feel that my book “Mediawiki administrator’s tutorial guide” requires some additional writings as well. From April 2008, i will be writing new tutorials every week on Mediawiki including some hacks, extensions and template design.

I hope it will be helpful for all Mediawiki users and administrators 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mediawiki tutorials coming soon…

  1. Andrew Hodder says:

    Looking forward to any tips for the new version you can come up with Mizanur. I recently got a copy of your book, and it’s well done (and surprisingly the only MediaWiki book I could find!).

  2. James White says:

    Mizanur, Thank you so much for all your effort on the Mediawiki communities behalf. As I am pretty new to Mediawiki and have been utilizing them in a IT environment for several years now and have developed my own and any help and support you have given in your book and future tutorials have and will be invaluble,

    Again thank you.

  3. Wozz7 says:

    Hi are you writing an updated book? I am wondering whether it is worth me buying the one that is out at the moment but obviously if you are writing a new edition I will wait for that.


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